Unfreedom of The Press – Book Review

Unfreedom of The Press book review
Title:- Unfreedom of The Press
Author:- Mark Levin
Type of book: – Political
Word difficulty:- Moderate


The title suggests that the freedom of the press is being brought low in America, and thus the role of media in the law is diminishing, and this news has become a regulated profession. Unfreedom of The Press talks about how journalism became part of political benefit.

The American public no longer trusts the media. There is no integrity left in the media profession. This is a remarkable achievement in a book. It teaches you that the whole public is angry with the press. It shows that the media is known for giving up its responsibility and now acts as the second arm of the Democrats.

If you believe in politics, then this book would add a feather to your cap. This book is about progressive journalism, and talks of the journey of the press from colonial times. This truly resonates with the era of Trump as a leader.

Key points as you read the entire book

This book has a table of contents that revolve around how the press has become an instrument of political backing, and the news supports one party or the other.

Newspapers are lined up behind political parties, and the citizens only see monolithic media and the papers have come out in the open for not transparently handling their role.

The media also does not anymore hide the fact that they have a bias and that they are doing propaganda.

No one can deny that the bias does exist. I completely agree with the point of view taken by the book. The media is no longer the arbitrator of the truth and has lost all its powers.

Thus the media does not leave any room for the opposition, and all parties become one as a result. The media is no longer activist media. The news is no longer objective. This is thus new press.

This book says that Trump is the only threat against media, and he is manipulating the press for its ends.

The media creates a situation where the brunt of the press makes innocent people go to jail.

But the media also protects Trump from the situation where the whole media may turn against him, and thus media also acts as a savior and the majority view that is formed by reading the book is that Trump is violating media rights and this infringes the right of freedom to expression and freedom of choice that is enshrined in the constitution.

Before Trump, it was Lincoln that infringed the rights of the media and the press, and when he started putting the opposition in jail. This is a blatant dictatorship.

This means that the media these days is nakedly partisan and takes sides and does not allow democracy to function. This is also bias by omission, and some media is also falsehood, and this is known as unfree press.

The whole society is affected by it. The media goes rogue. The press then adopts, and it could be true that the media is taking the anti-Trump stance in some way.

More thoughts on this book

This book talks of journalistic ethics and this is called pseudo-journalism. The book also talks of changing the role of the media, which means taking the profit motive out of the equation of the unfree press.

Levin’s most beautiful work in this book. The index flow is pretty good, and it talks of government oppression and subjugation of the government.

This book talks about the fact that is it possible that journalism can be professionalized. These days the media is corporately owned, and that relates to freedom of speech and expression.

The book accomplishes the fact that the media asks us to make decisions about our families, and our whole lives, governance, and how we watch local TV news.

This book has an achievement, which is that it is a whole tirade against those who want to ascertain that the press should be professionalized. This is a progressive agenda. 

This book is against party press. This book talks about the future of the media. It asks questions about the credibility of the press and the constitutional freedom of the people.

There is very little work that can be done in the book. Other books on freedom of press pale in comparison of this book, and this genre of the book is journalism and politics.

The book is vivid and candid, plus it is one book that can be bought for collections in the library. This book is not just another book that talks of people that wield political power.

There are a lot of situations and circumstances in the book, and this book is an exciting read.

The book is deprecating the current USA government. The author is a brilliant historian. This book is an excellent media read.  It is a collection of books that are in the line of journalism on the edges of experimental news which brings errors more than benefits.

This book is an immersive read.  American journalism talks of fake news and how the government is getting affected by the same. It talks of claims by journalists and is not in a question and answer format like most other books.

This book talks of assassinations and murders and how they go unreported and how the government is talking of the press and the press about the government.

It is mostly just another book and not a book that you should count as your favorite, but it is also not one book that can be easily read as the author has written the book not in a relaxed manner.

The author of the book is called Mark Levine and he is an American lawyer who fully knows all about the American press and has done a critical analysis of the political system and the role of the media in the society and hence the book has come out very well and it is going to be an exciting read.

The whole book is pro-Trump at the end, and just attacks the media for presenting Trump is such as bad light. There is no conspiracy behind this book.  The book is a harsh attack. The author is also a political science student and talks neat about the media and law and how they are related.

Though a journalist has not written the book, it tells of the future of democracy, and how the political scene has shifted. It talks of the greed and laziness of the media.

 It talks of values and other factors of the media, and it is an engaging narrative. This book is also about international journalism and theories of politics that exist around the world. The book is a source of various cultures and pressure faced by politicians. This is elite journalism. 

The journalism is all about media first journalism and the various issues and things that make a healthy democracy. This book talks of politics as a beautiful thing and the fact that it was once a healthy and noble profession. Those who are entrusted with the handling of the press are themselves destroying the media.

I agree with the conservative approach of the book. Thus the book talks of how a student can learn a great deal from this book and how it makes me relate to the fact that law students can benefit and start practicing in the field of their study. I have used this book to help me with my legal studies.

I loved the book. My favorite part was the fact that this book is unlike the usual material that you find on the subject. Even the acknowledgments and notes of this book are very enlightening. This is mainstream media.

This book would talks about constitutional law and history. This book is very tongue in cheek and takes a good view of the situation of law and order in the nation of America. Thus the book talks of the natural light received by the SC in the role of media.

This is the stance taken by the book that the public should not cry hoarse because of the press and that the SC should be corruption free and play a role in protecting the public. Therefore the apex court talks of objectivity of the court decisions.


This shows and proves that law and order are maintained and the society does not reach a stage of complete disorder. The media should not at least knowingly dissuade and disarm the public.

This is a tool for mass communication. This leads to the transformation of the public view about the SC judgment and the media’s role in lawmaking. This book is about lofty goals. Thus the government should not invade upon press and vice versa.

The book raises tough questions about the USA government and the USA media. The product description is that the book is not just any book about the press and news reporting and that there should be complete freedom of the press.

Lies as news should not be used, and the story should be news and absolute truth. The book has recently been released in May 2019

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