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The Mueller report is all about Russia meddling in the 2016 elections. The issue has always been conflicted, and there has been a never trump movement. It was a two long year’s investigation, and there has been no obstruction of justice. There has been no crime and no conspiracy. The report has been not any finding much about Trump but still unfair.

There are no changes in the government even after the Mueller report. The President denied all reports saying he did not try and hamper the investigation report. The story did not find Trump innocent but did not convict him and said that the President was guilty.

The Mueller man also said that he would not give testimony before the Congress and that is what many ministers wanted. This is what the Democrats wanted. The report has all the findings and analysis. The word speaks for itself.

Mueller said that he would only give out essential information to Congress and he would not reveal more than he already thinks is necessary.

There was the general view that the report should not talk about anything about the fact that the President was guilty.

The story was in tune with the criminal justice system. The intention was not to unnecessarily convict the minister in charge. Nothing against the constitution would be done. Nothing which is prohibited would be done. Everything would be done in clear public view.

The sitting President would be investigated would be said, and this was entirely in order. There was no obstruction injustice. There was no conflict of statements.

Key points as you read the entire book

There would be no impeachment, and the President would stay in office. But, as per rules, Trump would remain President. In effect, the trump president would, and there is also sufficient proof that one is innocent. The President would also not resign.

President himself declared that the case was solved. Mueller always made public statements. The American ministers said that they would do what is right and not jump to hasty decisions.

The report also said that the majority in power have a duty to make sure that the legal and moral obligations of the party are taken care of and that the party is making sure that the law and order situation should be remaining in order.

The President is accountable and has constitutional duties. Eight ministers want that Trump should be removed from power, and the remaining ministers have stood by Trump.

The result of the findings was that the President had been declared innocent because there was a lack of evidence. Finally, it has been said that the country of the USA should move on from the investigation. The case has been closed according to the nation.

There is nothing to move on about, and the report is complete according to the countrymen. No conspiracy has been found.

The documents hold some ministers in contempt, and all the materials have not been supplied, and some statements could not be digested.

You should know which party you support when you are talking about the comments you are making and that is what the Russian interference in the 2016 USA elections was. This is important for the democracy of the USA and for rights to be maintained.

More thoughts on this book

If people lose faith in democracy, then that would be very bad for USA democracy. The ball is in the court of the Mueller report, and that is because the elections were free and fair.

More than half the ministers have been sure that they do not want Russia to matter and move on to better things for the country.

This is the opinion of all ministers of the Congress. Many and most think that Trump has done no wrong, and he cannot do any illegal activity. This talks about the attorney general speaking of the case is complete, and no more investigation needed — the written work of the office talks for itself.

Russian intelligence talks of the matter are done, and there was a threat in the effect of the political system, and the Mueller man then said that he was returning to private life.

The results of the work have been much talked of.  The interference to the fact that there was Russian interference was not there from the beginning. There were sophisticated cyber-attacks that the Russians used.

The Russians used campaigns used by the Clinton Campaign. The private works of the Russian government were leaked through Wiki-leaks. There were fake online identities and through organizations such as Wiki-leaks as mentioned before.

In this case, the Russians posed as Americans and influenced elections. There were two issues that the Mueller report was asked to investigating. The attorney general was being reported of all the problems of the Mueller report.

The law remains that the President cannot be charged with an offense while he is an office. The crime charge sheet could be kept a secret, and this power rests with the department of justice, and that remains a department policy.  The evidence all stay with the judgment body when the documents are still fresh, and when the witness still has a vivid memory of those events.

The reports would be kept a secret. The fact that remains is the Russian government strategically interfered with the US elections. There were a lot of hacked materials. The computer networks were all hacked. There were stolen records found in wiki leaks.

The emails were entirely found leaked. There was a social media campaign about the same. This is as per the Russian intelligence system. This was called the Clinton campaign. There were a lot of things to keep in mind. These were the Russian government colluding with the USA spies to make sure that the USA elections did not go well. This was cooperation, not coordination. This was the manipulation of outside forces.

This investigation lasted two years. This became worldwide news, and in the end, it was found that there was no conspiracy. Barr decided this. 26 Russian nationals were found, and the charges were found hacked. There was a theft of all emails, and no indictments were expected, and still, some people were found guilty.

There was no thought of Mueller charging Trump. The final idea was that if Trump were not guilty, then the report would have said so. Lawmakers have weighed all pros and cons and decided that there was no conspiracy.

The four cases are that no sensitive material would be divulged to the public, and no information would be released, which would impair other case laws. The privacy of no one would be hampered.

Most people are saying that Mueller’s report should at least come out in the public domain. Barr has been called a natural observer, and he solved the case in entirety. This has been the overall achievement of the Mueller report. The context and nature of the whole investigation have been understood. The quality and substance of the full story were also disclosed and divulged.

There was ample proof of wrongdoing by the President, and the Mueller report said that. There was also propaganda effort. The story was sent to the Congress, and there were public statements, and there have been repeated calls of the impeachment of the President.

There was no formal charge. Barr was also charged, and that was because he refused to testify. He was the attorney general, and he was to be removed from office, and somethings done by the President were genuinely unethical.

It was also a case of Trump Tower Moscow. There was also malicious software such as Trojan. Thirty thousand emails went missing. The Clinton server was hacked. The case was of initiation of justice. This was grotesque abuse of power. The set of questions that were asked by Mueller were also leaked. The President was finally exonerated.


The report became public in parts but with amendments. This relates to real estate deals. There were shady Russian connotations, and Trump and his family knew about the sales. There is the talk of George Nader who has been mentioned in the Trump Mueller at least 100 times. It ensures that justice is served and the Mueller report does just that. Post this, the main man Mueller asked to be made the director of FBI.

He already had that position for 12 years, but he was made the special counsel; that was a total conflict of interest, and all that was not very nicely received by the audience and everyone did not wish to make the Mueller man the special counsel and Mueller himself said in one sentence and claim that he should be appointed special counsel. He had not come looking for the job, and the rest of the team implored him to do so.

In all, it was settled ultimately that the President committed no crime, but it can be said that Trump tried to seize control and obstruct the case and the USA government and people are settled with the crime.  

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