Book Review The Five People You Meet In Heaven.

The Five People You Meet In Heaven – Book Review

Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet in Heaven is a revolutionary book for it came out at a time when all writers were not milking the self-help cow. Now, since Paulo Coelho’s time, every second the author has been trying his hand at self-help, but it is not working anymore especially with stellar quality books such as this book present in the world. Hats off and love to Albom. We tried to elaborate on some important aspects given in this book through Book Review The Five People You Meet In Heaven.

Why you should read this book.-

This book revolves around people in our lives who are those who teach us about heaven and hell – our parents, our storytelling relatives; they show us how much each life matters and how little we care. Book Review The Five People You Meet In Heaven.

Life can be unpredictable so as death. Everyone has a different life spending strategy but eventually, we all share the same destiny. Live every single moment with joy, be sensible enough to understand the feelings of others, so you won’t need to answer anyone like Eddie.

Important life aspects covered in the book:-


The story has an offbeat beginning with someone dying. The message is that each end is a new beginning. It talks about how mundane life is, and how quick death can come.

The author describes banal descriptions with so much flair, making it interesting to read, the author answers the question about death and is sure that the end or death does not let us see our last minutes – 12 minutes before our end, we are passing out, knowing we are dying, and forget doing anything about it, we can barely see anything.


The author says heaven is where we are born. The author makes sense to me when he says that scenery without solace is nothing. When we die, and that all of us would, we would want to go back to Earth, to the place where we came from.

We cannot come back to earth, but we would feel like doing that. We would even promise everyone that we would be regular churchgoers if given a chance to live again. But, we do not get that chance.

Children imitate parents

The author says that all parents hurt their children in some way for instance through silence, or violence, or through some other way. They wound their children. So, if you out there feel that you had a wrong childhood, then everyone has had some bad chapters in their youth.

It is only a matter of who publically talks ill of their parents and who does not. No one knows whose wound runs deeper.

The children move out of their parents’ lives because, and but the parents would not leave children ever, and even in death, the children expect something from their parents such as a grand heroic death.

There is a little girl, and she expects that when her father would die, he would be wrapped in the national flag, but the father knows that he would die in a bed ailing some illness. Does that not hurt the father?

They do come back

Children understand very late in life the stories of the youth of their parents. Sometimes, it is very late, and you have to hear your father’s story from the mouth of someone who you meet in heaven, at least that is what the author says, so please be slightly closer to your parents when they are old age.

Sometimes, people are loyal to govt. More than they are to each other, and therein lies the fault. Let us be a little more faithful to each other.

When we cannot be successful, we should not build an ideal life of success, and start blaming our loved ones for our failure, lack of freedom from them, lack of financial help from them, and so on.

Love birds Eddie and Marguerite

Mitch also talks of love between a woman and a man as man and wife. It is irreplaceable he says, love is nourishment, but sometimes things happen when you do not know who to blame for.

The love between a man and a woman has always been talked of like a rain shower, but when the anger dries it up, there should be something within to nourish, this something comes from the roots, as not something that you CAN do, but something that you WILL NOT do. Couples are each other’s resting place.

I agree with this version of Mitch where he says that neither parents nor kids are your soul mate, your marital partner is your one right soul mate. It is him or her you would meet in heaven, Mitch makes for heaven to have no nights and no days so you can spend all your time with the couple in heaven.


Moving aside, Mitch also talks of our colleagues. Our colleagues meet us in heaven because especially if the profession is like that of an army, then there is a close bond.

These people spend quality years with us, fight for the same cause, compete with us, but they also compete for us, and they very often have the same skill sets, the same extraneous qualities that we possess.

They teach about sacrifices; these people do not want anything from us in the most real sense; they would not even look at us if we were to shift offices, they barely tolerate us because we sit on the next desk. So, what these people teach us, they show us no hard feelings.

A colleague character in this book teaches the protagonist about the fact that sacrifices are virtues, but sacrifices are not very big virtues, and what we are doing for someone else is usually very small, and is a way of God of transferring something good, and person B would move the same to a person.

Another kind of people who affect us is then those who hire us. The author says they always have a soft corner for us in their hearts. These people who engage us to talk about us to their families, their families indirectly get to know us and have a soft corner for us.

Slowly they start caring about us, and our well being and these families know that we know about them. This is then your circle of bonhomie. Makes so much sense in today’s time when we all are so worried because of our colleagues.

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