Real Adventure: The Alchemist – Book review

Real Adventure: The Alchemist – Book review
Title:- The Alchemist
Type of book:- Adventure
Author:- Paulo Coelho
Publisher:- HarperTorch (English translation)


The Alchemist says, do not ever be discouraged and always find optimism, and the universe conspires to listen to you. It is one of the most life-changing books, and it can make you believe anything that you are trying to learn, it is written by Paulo Coelho, who is a man who is mystic and who overcame every odd in life and recovered after seeing a lot of bad days, and the Paulo Coelho went ahead and became an international bestseller.

Every path has moments of roadblocks, and if we think like people who could not achieve their dreams, then we are wasting time. This book also says that whatever we seek is seeking us, and what you want to achieve would be achievable if only we believe.

The story of this bookstarts with beautiful place called Andalucía. On the whole, it can be said that winners always believe that they can control destiny and you need higher awareness for that to be true, and even turning metal to gold is possible, and thus everything is possible.

This book talks about existentialism. Do not ever leave your life to fate, and that all things are one.

Make the journey so beautiful that the destination does not matter.

The whole purpose is looking inside and doing introspection.

More thoughts on the book

The alchemist talks of achieving and attaining one’s legend, the book says that when we are young, we all know where we want to reach and what we want to become, it could be becoming a writer or help to save the world, and we should keep moving towards that personal fulfillment.

When we are younger, we have clarity of mind, and we wish to keep moving forward, but eventually, we learn things such as keeping the society happy and making others happy for which we bring misfortune on ourselves, and start failing. When we start failing, we start distancing ourselves from our dreams of childhood.

But, this childhood desire is part of our legend, and that is mixed with the desire of the universe or what we can call the soul of the universe.

Your childhood dream is your mission on Earth, when you follow that we see paths opening up and our horizon broadening and the book says that the time we spend thinking about how not to suffer is also spent suffering, so we should keep moving towards our goal without the fear of suffering or else we are just losing precious time.

The time that we spend not following the dreams is also spent suffering, and the only beautiful road to life is when we are following the dreams that we have and always have had.

This search leads us to God. This ambition and dream take us to that road, which we have always preferred to take.

We all know what the other should be doing, but we do not know what we should be doing as an individual. The author reasserts that when we are loved, then there is no reason for it, and things should always be as simple as that.

You should not see every day the same way that you look at as yesterday and tomorrow. Every day is different from the other, and each day presents its possibilities, all you need to do is pay attention to that miracle. This way, your dreams may come true.

The only thing that stops us from achieving our dream is the fear of failing. This book is high on intellect, passion, and ideology.

If you read this book, it would stay with you and keep you grounded. Celebs also read this book, and it helps them in loss quite a few times. This book serves them as a means of meditation.

The shepherd boy in this book dreams to see the treasure in Egypt. Ultimately the boy finds success.

One older man and one gypsy woman helped him to discover the treasure in Egypt.

The book says that the person’s only obligation on Earth is living his destiny. The famous quote from the book is that when you dream of something, then the entire universe aids you to conspire to achieve it.

 Everyone who is living their dream would relate to this book.

 At any time in your life, you could achieve what you want, and all you need is to keep walking towards the dream. Do not listen to anyone who is saying something against what your dream is and the best time of life is when everything seems possible.

No matter how impossible it might seem, it becomes true if you keep moving forward believing in your dream.

As and when you grow up, there is the external force that takes you to miss golden opportunities and stops you from dreaming.

You should do something positive in the direction of your dreams every second and the more you walk towards your goal, the more you start achieving your dream, it is not important to want to achieve gold and riches, but it could simply be achieving happiness.

You could want to be important as a person, or you could want to be happier in life, it depends, and all that can be achieved through just willing it into being.

We could say we want to be a shepherd or a baker, and it would be possible when you deem it to be.

Let people talk, show them success, and they would start saying positive things about you, and that is how the world works, and that is all the soul of the universe.

You should want to be willing to do the things that others cannot. You should be able to face the problem and smile on its face. Your heart is talking to all the time, and you need to listen so that you can choose a decision that would work in your favor.

It is your heart and soul that talks to you, and you should be happy about it, and follow your dreams.

Do not ever stop listening to your heart and soul; they know the path to your happiness.

If you stop dreaming, then the heart might stop listening, and you would be pushed into ordinary life.

The author calls these signs from gods as omens and signals from God. This way, you can also find love and starts to understand that all things are one. One should always believe that everything is possible, and that would lead you to greatness.

Sometimes, we take certain decisions not to hurt our loved ones, but it works the opposite way, if we do something good for ourselves then love becomes the stimulus and your loved ones would be happy for you just like when the shepherd boy in the book travels extensively to find the love of his life.

If you truly love someone, then that love would wait for you and will come back to you. If something is made pure, then that would never stop, and that would only grow.

This book also says that what goes around comes around. Even if the dream you see and attain is a momentary lightening, even then it is worth the time, effort, and feelings so achieve that dream.

The truth is that the dunes get changed with time, but the desert does not change with time, and that is how the life cycle takes place. When you are walking towards your destiny, then life is sure to be interesting.

When you have no go back option, then you must keep thinking about ways to move forward. Paulo – the author of this book is not a guru; he is an ultimate student and a simple day to day person.

The book talks about finding love and that you should find Godliness when you think and speak of love. It also talks of being close to nature, which means the wind, the sun, and the sand. 


Society makes us lose things that we value the most, and that is when the society starts becoming angry with us, but the best thing to do is that keep walking and aiming high, and one day our dreams get fulfilled, and we find the happiness that we all search for but few get.

The author says that you should not always choose security over uncertainty. The book also talks of a dream interpreter and says that your dreams tell you things and you should listen. It is only when you talk to your heart and want something very desperately then you are closest to the life of your dreams and to the love that you can find in life.

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