Practicing The Power of Now – Book Review

Title:-                       Practicing The Power of Now
Type of book: –       Spiritual, Motivational And Psychological.
Published: –             India (reprint), August 2002.
Excerpts from: –      The Power Of Now.
Word difficulty:-      Moderate.

Title- What does it suggest:-

The book “Practicing The Power of Now” suggests significant ways of essential teachings, meditations, and exercises obliterate day to day pressure.


The author implies how we are really not present at this very moment. The author also explained the paradoxical situation of real-time and your thought process.  How we are wandering in the past or future. Eventually, the mind is the immense power in you.  
No doubt “The power of now” is one of the best selling books in the world and author  Eckhart Tolle became one of the best spiritual leaders of our time.

Authors Perspective:-

The author, therefore, wrote this book to Spiritually Enlighten each and every human mind. To free those minds which are entrapped between the past and future. The author realized that, If you are not present at this present moment that means you are missing everything in life. Author Eckhart Tolle himself suffered from depression for a long period of time. Author’s bad early childhood caused due to his separated parent. However, eventually, the author found the pure way of inner transformation and come out of that deep black space, where he spent most of his life until age 29. 


The book talks about finding ourselves when we have ourselves lost in sunsets and sunrises, and we forget all about us during that fleeting moment. Then is it not an alternative universe which is ever present, but we only gaze at once a day at most. The author calls these ‘
peak experiences.’

Evolution and development are going on of the human species say the masters in their fields, masters in medicine, science, in law and art. All spiritualists have the same question that does we know who we are, do we have an idea of why things are the way they are, is willpower the end all of the things? The next question always is ‘ what is society’?

Readers can understand that evolution is going on every second. Just like we were all apes once.

The struggle

The book begins the way all self-help books start with someone being suicidal, the battle, and the final entitlement, and how that final stage of fulfillment was reached.

The struggles are there in everyone’s life.


The book asserts that the truth resides within and that we always know the truth.

You already know the truth you are seeking.

Forcible evolution

If someone were to try and forcibly move towards entitlement, then he or she should attend seminars, and talks of spiritual gurus, one should go for events such as career counseling, and
meditation or anywhere else where the energy is high and where the energy is the kind of power you seek. This top energy event could be a ballgame, music the lesson, a dance class, or mountain climbing.

Mind your thought

You should try and watch your mind. There you would find repetitive patterns in the thinking, and won’t that put you in the knowledge of yourself.

Be still

The book says what each sage says ‘Be still.’ Do you know how long one thought is?  The truth is each idea could fill up 600 pages.


The book covers fear as an aspect and says mix a little intelligence and some common sense, and you can get over your fear.


The author describes the ego. Ego has been commented upon as that void that does not fill, so if you do not have the ego, you can assume that you are among a lucky few who have no voids and some close bonds.

Present moment

Experiment. Hold your breath in the present moment consciously. Till you hold the moment, you will not feel unhappy because we do not feel unhappy in the now. We were sad in the past or could be sad in the future, but when you observe that moment of now, you will find yourself at ease. Holding onto the ‘now’ is very tough, and that can only come with meditation. This concept is also a Zen philosophy.

Learn Early

It is good to take care of your mental health at an early age because otherwise, the future is the same as the past. Someone the author knew was an ill mouthed person, that acquaintance stayed in extreme pain when he could not give up abusing, it was as painful as drug rehab.


Next question people often ask is when can you be free of all your problems? Is that the question? Then the answer is that you can be free in the ‘now’ and that is salvation, or else the answer is you will never be free of your problems.

How to live life like a kid?

A kid sees colors; he cries when his toe gets snubbed, laughs at odd sounds, we were all babies and happy once, so do not quit whining, it is perfect for the soul. Chuckle at funny jokes, and
observe the beauty of the nature that is everywhere. When you want to fight old age, then practice being childlike, and that along with meditation would make you feel younger like a youth, and living longer.

Mimicking each other

Do not try and copy. You are not an animal that you will mirror someone. If you are sad, or angry, or living in denial so be it because it happens to everyone and these are original thoughts. There are others like you in this world and many of them.

Knowledge solves problems. For instance, your mom is not taking your call, and you want something and start getting angry, then your lack of knowledge justifies your behavior, but your mom was in an accident, so the experience makes you wrong and not the mother. Similarly, knowledge changes everything, so acquire a lot of it.


In the chapter of emotions, the author says that a feeling is just a ripple in a healthy body, but in an unhealthy body, the sentiment would stay for years and make life miserable. So, feel all emotion, but make it secondary like a passing ray of light. The author says to forgive and forget urgently.


The next thing the author suggests is the art of listening. When you hear, listen with your whole body. No one can deny the writer’s claim that silence has power. Some people call this power to be God itself when you do not respond, and when you do not react to something
overwhelming that was said to you, you are doing something powerful, and the detractor would notice that too.

The purest love

The author says that true love is between that of a man with a woman, but your relationship should not be addictive. Do not let your relationship become love and hate.

Self Love

Finally, the author is against the modern concept of self-love. The author agrees that things are more normal when you neither love yourself, nor hate yourself because you are not two entities, but one.


Finally, when nothing can be done, and you are the subject of violence then do wuwei or be busy being doing nothing. 

It is a book that asks a few tough questions, analyzes all kind of relationships, answers questions, and keeps the readers gripped. I would give it 4.5 stars.

Words from the author himself:-

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