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Book Review: OVERWHELMED: How to Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time

What is the book about?

Overwhelmed is a great book that addresses modern life and time pressure. It’s a widely researched and deeply reported, often hilarious, and honest journey. Overwhelmed – Book Review, will enlight some interesting facts about time and life.

The journey is from feeling like a “rapid lunatic” where you run naked and scream whilst your life is flying past you, to comprehending the roots of history and culture.

It’s also how minding about all there’s to do as well as the pressure that comes with feeling like we never have sufficient time to do everything or do it well “contaminates” our experiences of time. 

The book explains how time pressure and all the stresses are resculpting out minds and defining our relationships, workplaces, and squeezing all the space of living a fulfilling life.  

What did I like about the Book?

The book is simply a great read and very well-written. I loved the case studies and the ideas because they seemed to be much researched.

The mother and kids were centric and probably ought to have been explained more clearly though I see everyone’s benefit. 

This book is a good balance of research, personal insights, journalistic and common sense. Though it’s somehow the US-focused, most people will enjoy it because it’s informative and very interesting.

It’s a perfect book to facilitate soul searching and stop your own overwhelm. Being a well-overwhelmed ideal parent and worker, I needed nearly 6 months to finish this book as I was reading it bite by bite.  

The book doesn’t provide easy solutions. However, it has a few great suggestions both at personal and world-wide levels. The book is very useful and quite relieving to know that many people are struggling with Overwhelm.

When you better understand your busy life clearly, you get to find areas where you can do some improvements. The book is very suitable for anyone who is looking to improve their ever-busy lives and have a commitment to take care of.

It’s very good of Ms. Schulte for her courage and sincerity to write this book to help and inspire many other people. 

What I didn’t like about the Book?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed then you probably not find time for this book. The book is mainly a set of essays talking about the busy life of the author as a mother, wife, and journalist.

I felt that chapters on how wonderful the Danes have it won’t be helpful to some people, especially those who find themselves without an option when it comes to working long hours. Some countries don’t even have a good health care system and getting parental leave is good luck. 

Thought her ideas are great, they might not work for some people in various countries. Also, she has a few wonderful ideas presented in the last thirty or so pages but the majority of her writing might remind some people of how overwhelmed they have always been. 

My Recommendation

OVERWHELMED isn’t a how-to book as its title suggests. However, it has a great writing style and if you’re looking for a collection of long essays on personal life, then this book will be a good choice. We have cover in overwhelmed book review than the author is very good at essays. 

Before buying this book, it’s important you understand that it’s not a normal self-help book. The book doesn’t provide action lists or simple solutions.

It’s instead a personal journey, where the author tried to express her busy life and in that way managed to speak to many specialists within the field as well as to simple families. 

What’s more, the book is a bit uncomfortable reading it for male readers. That’s because it’s written from a female perspective. Even if a man might already know how hard his full-time working wife works to ensure the family is running effectively.

It might feel bad for the man to learn that he could contribute a lot more. So, definitely, I don’t recommend it for men but it’s a wonderful book for women out there. 

Additionally, the last thirty pages of this book have great ideas that will make you feel less overwhelmed. You can also read this book if you’re feeling time poor or you’re in need of some new ideas.   

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