Just Let Me Lie Down – Book Review.

just let me lie down book review

What is the Book About?

JUST LET ME LIE DOWN by Kristin Van Ogtropis a hilarious and charming antidote to the hustles of working motherhood. In this book, Van Ogtrop offers a fresh lexicon for half-insane working moms. Using personal insights and experiences, she presents concepts and terms illustrating the highs and the lows encountered when trying to combine family and work in life.  Just Let Me Lie Down – Book Review is based on the personal experience of book readers.

With plenty of essays, poignant observations, lists, and more, this book demonstrates that if finding it hard to laugh at the nonsense of daily life of a working mom, then you may require considering your existence, or at the very least take a nap.

Generally, this book is a pleasure to read. Ogtrop is such a wise and friendly person whose view on the subject of working-motherhood is really endearing. 

What I Liked About the Book

There are a few headings and insights that I found to be relatable, hilarious, and very clever in Ogtrop’s thinking. For instance, Decision Saturation. I understand that it’s easy for me to relate to the feeling of burn eventually as far as disciplining my kids.

I have only spent five hours just disciplining eighth graders. Now, I have got another four hours to discipline my two kids. 

I can also relate to that feeling that “if I must make an extra judgment call concerning whether or not to engage in the battle or allow it to slide I will get into a coma” Ogtrop talks about.

Additionally, it’s easy for me to relate to that moment when I go to the “Screen Saver Mode” while am really supposed to be listening. Though it depends on the person am talking to, sometimes I can’t actually help it. 

Either I’m feeling very tired and worn out or preoccupied with the various things in the household, or even I’m just not into the person talking to me, that I entirely fail to understand what they are saying and begin thinking about other things I could find more important. It happens every day with eighth graders and all their excuses.

The last thing that I’m going to discuss is this book’s title: Just Let Me Lie Down. For so many times now, I have found myself wishing, craving, hoping, and praying to find a bed or couch somewhere nearby so that I could have a nap anytime I felt too exhausted. It would be so good if everyone could get enough night’s sleep. 

Another thing that I found funny was the section about “Women Not On The Verge if A Nervous Breakdown” and “Dudley Do-Everything”. Perhaps it might not be really funny for you. So, I’ll leave it at that so that you can experience it and make the judgment yourself after reading the book. 

What I did not like About the Book.

There are a few things I didn’t like about this book. One is its format. Not the lists! I’m used to them. What made me feel unhappy about the writing was the semi-list format. Sometimes, I could find myself reading a few vignettes. Some other times, I could only read one to a few sentences after a heading. 

Though I enjoyed thinking about Ogtrop’s headings and trying to figure out why she put things as such, the disjointedness I experienced in the writing style slowed my reading pace. The constantly changing writing formats made my interest in books decrease. 

My Recommendation

Just Let Me Lie Down – Book Review, won’t say that this book is a quick and devour-able read. However, it’s very interesting. I found Ogtrop’s insights enjoyable and hopefully you’ll find it that way too.

I was also able to relate to a lot of what she wrote about. So, if you’re mother and working, with a lot of stress and barely making anything on time from your day-to-day hustle, you’ll find this book great. 

Though as I said I found the book very disjointed because of its writing format, the book is, however, very easy to understand. It will help you understand the crazy that’s a working life of a mom.

Additionally, if you don’t mind about the format, it means you won’t find it disjointed as I did, so you’ll enjoy it much more.   

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