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Dinner book review

It All Begins At The Family Table by Jenny Rosenstrach. Jenny Rosenstrach got inspiration from her blog,, to come up with her book Dinner: A Love Story: It All Begins at the Family Table. This book is a combination of many things, including a love story, a memoir, a great how-to guide on how to strengthen family bonds during by taking advantage of dinner time, a collection of magnificent and palate-pleasing recipes. We in this Dinner book review tries to elaborate on why you should read this book.

What’s the Book About?

This book takes a reader on an amazing journey from a romance to a family life with children. The book is available to everyone from timid to adventurous.

It tries to give hope to the reader that perhaps a day will come where his or her children will enjoy something beyond yogurt drinks and butter crackers for dinner.

It’s written in a way that the reader enjoys every page of it and feels like he or she know Jenny and trusts her implicitly. 

Jenny in her book describes how the family dinner used to be when most of us were growing up. When everything that had happened during the day within the family was shared and discussed.

Reading this book will have the reader have vivid and wonderful memories of numerous dinner conversions.

DINNER: A LOVE STORY: It All Begins At The Family Table both rekindle those memories and inspire the reader to utilize a diary-like tool to enhance your time management issues in his or her household, which could consist you, your pets and kids.

On reading this book, you’ll have an opportunity to earmark several recipes that you could try, including beluga lentil and anchovy soup.

I was almost giving up when it comes to enjoying dinner with my family until I could hire someone to prepare for me. This book by Jenny has assisted me realize the magical moment I can enjoy around the table for dinner having good food, that I prepared, and my family enjoying too.

Since I read this book, I don’t see dinner as a huge task but instead, see it as a moment to enjoy after a busy day at work. 

What I Liked About the Book

I found pleasure reading this book and loved every aspect of it, including the style of writing and photography. Additionally, the recipes are easy and sweet. That’s the reason I chose to give a small explanation in the Dinner book review.

It’s a book I couldn’t go for a week without picking it once or twice for inspiration. This book is also an outstanding cookbook with delicious recipes and very fun to read, as well.  

The book consist of a well-told story with a lot of humor. Jenny begins out in her world with only a few cooking skills, then learns as part of a newly married couple that enjoys great food.

Life is great and later two little girls that are very much loved and welcome arrive only eighteen months apart. During the first two or three years, chaos is reigning. It’s wonderfully entertaining.

You’ll flip through various pages with some nice photos to keep you enchanted to the book. You’ll easily convince your friends why you love the book and even persuade them easily to read it too. 

This book is very friendly. Chatty style it’s written in and also its abundance of tips. As mentioned, it’s lovely and has a lot of amazing recipes and captivating narrative.

It’s completely a non-judgemental in the way Jenny approaches things and she has worked full-time while raising two young kids and have been at home as well. Jenny seems to know exactly what she is talking about and she won’t make anyone feel bad while doing it. 

What I Didn’t Like About the Book

In Dinner book review I must mention on think that is didn’t like though is the fact that the book lacked enough pictures. It would have been great if it had more pictures.

Additionally, the book isn’t easily categorized and it includes numerous of Jenny’s favorite recipes, which aren’t quite charming to some people. 

My Recommendation

Dinner: A Love Story: It All Begins at the Family Table by Jenny Rosenstrach is a great book with outstanding recipes and will suit everyone who’s looking for a motivation to cook, or a way of enhancing their cooking skills. The only issue is that it doesn’t have a lot of photos. 

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