Book Review WHEN: The Scientific Secrets to Perfect Timing.

Book review when

The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, Daniel H. Pink. Timing is everything. This is an expression that most of us are familiar with. Whatever it is that you’re doing, Timing is critical for its success. However, it’s sometimes a challenge to know the right time to do something. “Book review WHEN”:- Usually, we make a guess or determine the right time to do something by reading the signs of the prevailing environment. But the right time depends on how well we can decide on the right time to do something. 

What is this book about?

In “Book review when” we try to elaborate the true meaning of WHEN: The Scientific Secrets to Perfect Timing, Daniel H. Pink helps us to look at when we’re supposed to do things so that we obtain the most efficient, productive, and inspiring results.

He discusses “when” as the time of the day, year, or at a point in a specific project where one ought or ought not to do particular things. 

At the beginning of the book, Pink poses several intriguing questions. For example, why does the time of starting something is so important? How can one make a new beginning if they stable out of a starting block?

Why is it that when one gets into the midpoint of something (a project, game, or even life) pulls us down or sometimes fires one up? Why do end-points energize a person to work harder to get to the finishing line or also inspire one to slow down to perhaps seeking meaning?  

H. Pink, in his book, WHEN: The Scientific Secrets to Perfect Timing, addresses the importance of Timing. Pink says that Timing is an upcoming science, which he explores further in this book.

He covers several themes in the book, including when to change your career, schedule a class, delivers terrible news when to end a marriage when to go for a run, or even when to get into a person or a project seriously.

The book comes with seven chapters that spread throughout three sections. In the first section, you’ll get to read about Diurnal patterns, that is, how to manage our everyday life, the importance of micro naps, when to drink coffee, etc.

In the second section, the book covers things like how to begin a habit, how both beginnings and endings influence a person, and how to manage mid-life crises, among others. Last but not least, the third section covers how one can get into harmony with Timing.

In each of the seven chapters, there’s a time-hacking section that offers essential tips on Timing.

What I Liked About the Book

“WHEN” covers a lot that’s practical and important to our lives. The book is very well-structured, making it user-friendly. Additionally, some many anecdotes and instances help to make the concept as clear as possible.

The book is presented in a way that the reader finds it easy to understand. Moreover, Daniel H. Pink covers this book from a tactical perspective to a strategic level which makes it quite practical and applicable in our daily lives.

Pink also provides links to sites where one can discover their chronotype. He also provides advice as to where you ought to do the analytical task, tasks involving impression making, insights tasks, and those where you’ll have to make a decision.

Besides looking at the day, Pink also looks at how an early peak characterizes long-term projects, and then a trough, before the climb back up towards the finishing line. He goes ahead and explains why these “Midpoints are both a fact of life and a force of nature”.

He explains why we must be aware of these midpoints to be able to turn them into profitable results. Additionally, Pink continues to look at how essential dates like a birthday, the first of a month, or the first of a year and how they can have a significant influence on how one can define a new beginning for something new in their life.  

What I Didn’t Like About the Book

I was not too fond of the fact that this book isn’t a book with detailed advice on how to make an impact or for conversations. Instead, the book is based more on identifying patterns and then hacking them. So, what do I recommend?

My Recommendation

WHEN: The Scientific Secrets to Perfect Timing, Daniel H. Pink is a good book for general reading. It doesn’t give in-depth information on how to make an impact, but it’s suitable for the public.

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