Book Review The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.

The subtle art of not giving a F*ck – Book review

Title of the book “The subtle art of not giving a F*ck” suggests, how your personal life and personal goals are important other than anything else. Give ultimate importance to your value and purpose. The author of this book is an extremely clever person, he is crude and vulgar, but on the inside, he is deeply philosophical. He forces you to read a book about ethical values. In book review – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck we will discuss important aspects of this book.

When you read this book, you are brimming with promise, and you would feel free and brighter and lighter. The idea is to not care about everything so much that is starts affecting you at a deeper level.

Points to Ponder From Entire Book:

The book talks about sticking to what you think. It is the most important thing, along with learning the art of letting go. The author says that you should avoid social media and things such as what co-workers are saying.

Book Review – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck suggests that if you always mean that you are not in control, then maybe you are giving importance to things that do not matter.

What you need in this case is a reality check, and brutal analysis of what you are as a person, and what your fears and what your expectations are.

Be a Mirror of Yourself

In such a scenario, you should want a mirror to see your truths and accepting them to be accurate and what happens is that this no longer the simple self-help book that you come across in the markets.

This book does not ask you to be positive but asks you to deal with certain things that you must live with.

Then again, this book does not ask you to be extraordinary like individual other books expect you to be, and it asserts that you could be a winner or a loser and be happy with it. 

You should seek happiness, which should be your goal. This path could be full of shame and danger. You should find this path without stopping and without losing your zeal.

Speak For Your Mind

This book does not make you feel high in a cheap sense and talks about making your life something with substance. This book empowers you and asks you to embrace the truth about yourself.

You should have the courage to speak your mind, and although confrontation should not be your habit. You should desperately be on the lookout for truth.

Problems is a Seed of Personal Growth

Problems exist in our life but in a way that we get to choose our questions, and the fact remains that there are a lot of issues that we have to face in this lifetime.

When we solve one problem, we create another question, and then comes the answer that we must reach out for those problems which excite us.

Maybe those problems do not make us feel happy, but we get excited by those problems, and which is essential for our personal growth, and which still fills our life with a feel-good factor.

When you face these problems, we see seeds of personal growth. This book does not talk about how to solve the issues and does not act as the guide to greatness. It talks about simplicity in the middle of complexity and everything ugly.

Stop Living a Materialistic Life

This book also does not say that you should buy more or stuff yourself with more in a way that it satisfies you and it gives you excellent advice, and that is taking a hard look at your life and deciding what pleases you and what makes you excited. Then you should take a hard look at what you want from life and start working towards it.

You must be able to decide how much struggle you are willing to go through for reaching a high position in society or where you wish to achieve. Once you fail, a lot is only when your struggle results in victory.

Learning Experiences Would Lead to Success

This could be life-threatening health issues, and maybe things such as depression. If you want to become a successful businessman, then that you can, and similarly you can if you wish to be a great intellectual.

Learn Buddha

Many funny in terms of the perspectives are there in this book. The text is full of vast vocabulary, which means you get to learn a lot. This book appeals to the psyche of the reader and is a great play of psychology.

This book also takes you towards psychology and intellectualism and teaches you about Buddha.

Book does not promise you any enlightenment, though.

Face The Truth and Accept The Facts

This book is divided into parts, and that is what makes this book worth a read. Although there is no scientific backing the book makes perfect sense, it does not really make you cringe, but it talks about the way of life and helps you face truths, and it is very healthy to accept facts.

Overcome Adversity

If you wish to overcome adversity, then you should, first, stop worrying about trouble and think of something other than pain. The worst thing that can happen to you is dissatisfaction. It is as simple as wanting a bike after a bicycle and then building cars, so no pain and misery in that.

True Happiness Lies in Solving Problems

You should know that pain serves every purpose, and we should know when and how to ask a question about the emotions, and struggle determines success.

Higher the times you fail is higher the level of success, and when you feel emotional pain it is always when you would find emotional fulfillment, and pain is still a part of the process of moving forward, and you should still be able to separate past from the present.

More thoughts on the book:

This book is a breath of fresh air and not sugar-coated and preachy, and would be helpful if someone is trying to find a direction in life. The book teaches you to not work for something which is not meant for you.

The text says clearly that if you care too much about things in life then you will get emotional and lose your sense of direction and clarity which is very important to take decisions in life.

This book does not talk of only problems, an apocalypse, and greatness and this is a simple book written in a simple language.

If you avoid suffering, then the whole time is spent suffering instead if you face facts then that becomes easier and you can choose short term suffering over longer-term suffering.

The best time spent in life comes from facing the situation and trying to solve the problems which occur.

One should always try and solve problems and simplify and not to create a mountain out of a molehill. The book does not teach you anything about being indifferent and helps you become different in a way that people appreciate that.

If you are dealing with a bad experience and you overcome it, then it would fill you with a sense of purpose, and bring success in terms of a happy life and one that is full of meaning.

The book repeats that you should face facts and truths and that your life should not be problem-free but one with issues that you choose for yourself.

You should know that problems never stop, but get exchanged, what that means is that problems transfer from father to daughter and daughter to father, but the problems do not stop taking place.

The fact remains that we are all average, and to be truly exceptional, one should lie among the top 99.99 % in the world, and you should then be rare, and a prodigy, and that is what makes you unique.

It is essential to be obsessed with improvement and believing that there are problems in every journey. One has to face the issues, and that is what makes you stronger and happier, and that is what makes one a successful adult.

You must be successful according to the metric that you choose for yourself, and that metric could be a pleasure or material things such as money, and this could also be that you always want to be proven right, and maybe it is something as essential as staying positive.

You should always know that happiness is not written in your destiny and happiness is something you would choose for yourself. We design our principles, and thus you should be careful about what you want to believe.

The book gives a simple example, which is an evil person would not himself think that he is evil, but he would find that all around him are corrupt.

Whenever you fail, you should know that in your future, you are headed towards success.

Not all values suit everyone, and all have separate values, and what is true is that alternative values need to be, and there are as many values as there are people.

It is also better to be happier with lesser, and you should know what we should be okay hearing a ‘no’ in life. Not everything works out the way you want, and that is part of growth. 


Struggle, problems, rebellious circumstances, and chaos are meant to force us towards failure. But every problem carries glory in it, it’s only a matter of how we see that problem. We tried to cover all possible aspects of this book in Book Review – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.

Author Mark Manson gave us every possible way to flourish purpose in life. Every accomplished purpose will emerge new quality in your personality.

Keep moving on, don’t fall into the wrong perception of happiness in the outside world find your happiness within yourself. Follow to find it, but don’t die for it.

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